Web portal development has gained a high profile in the IT sector over the past few years. As a result of this trend, many IT professionals are venturing into this business. However, there are some important skills that one must possess before venturing into web portal development. The success of any web portal depends on the web design, its interface, functionality and security features. These are essential in making your web portal user friendly. It is also referred to as “portal website” since it contains all the vital information for a particular product/service.

web portal development


There are two basic choices to choose from when engaging in web portal development services: these are web design and web development. Each of these offers great possibilities when implemented. A web portal development is required for every business, whether big or small. A web portal development is required for every business, regardless of the type of business. A web portal development company should be hired depending on the main goal of the business.


Web development refers to the critical first stage before the actual launch. There are four crucial phases in web portal development. They include: Pre Launching, Discovery Phase, Stages of Success, and Post Launching Phase. While the process of web portals is very complex, it is quite easy to handle the crucial stages in an efficient way. In order to handle all the four phases aptly, the following tips are being suggested:


Discovery Phase – Before starting the web portal development, the discovery phase is always important. This is considered to be the most crucial phase in web portal development. During the discovery phase, a business owner researches about his business prospects and comes up with adequate information that will help him launch the business. Thus, this step is extremely vital.


Discovery Phase – During this phase, one comes across several web portals for research. Based on these websites, one gets the adequate idea of his business and what exactly he needs to do in order to launch the business. Thus, he plans to choose the web portal development company according to the web design and features. Some companies offer ready-to-use web portals which require very less customisation while some web portals are developed to a much higher degree of customisability. The web design company is then hired to create the web portal design.


Custom Web Portal Development – When custom web portal development is required, the web designers create a unique website for the business. They create websites for the products and services that are being offered by the business. Some web portals allow the business to upload pictures, videos and various other content for the web visitors to view.


User Interface and Interoperability – In the web portal development services, the team provides customized user interface and interactive portals for the users of the site. Custom web portal design enhances the efficiency of the business process. The development company first looks into the basic functionalities of the site, the interaction possibilities with the web users and the features that the visitor would like to see. Based on this information they develop the interface and make it user-friendly for the portal.


Feature Set – In the web portal development, the team provides the business with an in-depth understanding of their target audience and the requirements of the site. Based on this information they develop the features that are essential for attracting the target audience. The feature set includes various marketing tools like graphics, content, videos, social networking features, shopping baskets, payment options, games and many more. When the features are provided in a user friendly manner then the web portals become hugely popular among the targeted visitors.

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