Everyone should strive to make healthy eating a top priority in their lives, but it is especially important if you are someone who works out regularly either at home or at the health club. If you are not paying attention to what you put in your body then all that time and effort you put forth in the gym can be a waste. One thing you don’t have to do is give up eating a variety of foods or limit yourself to a bunch of bland, boring entries.

First and foremost concentrate on fresh. That applies to fruits, vegetables, fish and meat. The closer you can stay to raw when it comes to fruits and vegetables the better. Juicing these foods is a great way to get the maximum benefits from them and will give you multiple choices of how to work them into meals and snacks. Add a little Tabasco sauce and basil or thyme to the juice to liven up the flavor. You can eat them in different forms and combinations a couple of times a day as part of your healthy eating plan Bauchfett verlieren.

Breakfast for instance could be a shake consisting of yogurt; preferably Greek or homemade, vegetable juice, high quality protein powder (whey protein), a couple of fruits such as strawberries, grapes, blueberries, pineapple, a tablespoon or so of the pulp from the juicer, nuts such as sesame seeds, walnuts, almonds, and enough regular or coconut milk to give you your desired thickness. You could even throw in a little cinnamon if you felt like it.

Try to eat healthy throughout the day. A mid-morning snack could consist of an apple and a few almonds. For lunch have a sandwich on whole grain bread with lean turkey, chicken, or beef. Include mustard or a slice of avocado for additional flavor. Drink water or substitute green tea on occasion. A half cup of grapes or strawberries could finish off this meal.

If you are someone who likes to have a mid-afternoon snack, try a high quality health-food bar. One brand I recommend is Prograde. They are made from a blend of high quality, healthy ingredients and they come in a variety of flavors. Have another glass of water or substitute one of the fruit flavored waters available on the market.

Dinner always gives you a variety of healthy eating choices and can not only be fast and easy to fix, but makes available many options so you don’t get bored. Throw together a fancy salad with a variety of lettuce choices, tomatoes, onion, carrots, and walnuts. Try to avoid store-bought dressings since most use unhealthy oils and most contain corn syrup as a sweetener. Check out Google to find a number of healthy dressing recipes that concentrate more on olive oil, honey, and spices. These types of dressings will not only give you great flavor but will keep the calorie count reasonable. Toss on a lean chicken breast and you have a complete healthful meal.

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