Make sure you choose a topic that interests you! You will find the research process more meaningful if your topic is important to you.
Reduce your topic to something manageable.
If you make your topic too broad, you’ll find too many information. You won’t be able to concentrate.
Background reading is a great way to help you narrow your topic.
Check out the guidelines regarding topic selection that are included in your assignment. Get suggestions from your professor and TA.
For refresher purposes, you can refer to the lecture notes and required texts.
Talk with a friend about research ideas. You may find that a friend can help you narrow down your topic by discussing things that were not obvious to yourself at first.
You can think about the who, what when, where, and why questions.
WHY did the topic interest you? What do you like about the topic? Are you interested in the topics?
WHO are the information sources on this topic Who may publish information about it Who is affected? Do you know of any organizations or institutions that are involved in the topic?
WHAT are the key questions surrounding this topic? Are there discussions about this topic? Are there many points of view and different issues?
WHERE does your topic matter: at the national, local or international levels? What are the specific areas that are affected by this topic?
WHEN/Was your topic important? Are you referring to a historical event? You might like to compare the time periods of your topic.

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