If you have little girls you might be shopping for some kids jewellery at some point. You can find a lot of different fun and fashionable pieces for your little girls to wear. Some of these items are available in specially designed sets with a necklace, bracelet and ring all match each other. This style will generally have a theme to the pieces which may include a birthstone setting or an image of some type such as a butterfly. Butterflies and flowers are the two most popular themes used in creating jewellery for children.Over 1.26 lakh jewellers registered for gold hallmarking during July-Nov:  Centre - The Financial Express

Another popular theme is the use of current storybook or movie characters. Disney themed jewellery is commonly found in items made for kids. The various styles of children’s items will usually be made from a less expensive grade of metal that will have either a silver or gold finish on it buy gold in abu dhabi. The gemstones used in creating this jewellery are usually rhinestones made from acrylic or glass. Colors used on any pendants or charms will generally be a form of painted enamel. There are also some solid acrylic bracelets and rings designed specifically as costume pieces for children. The jewellery designed for children will be much less expensive than pieces created for adults.

The various earrings available can come as separate items or in sets with several various colors. A basic rhinestone post style will often come on a card that includes three to six other colors in the same design. You will also find this in post styles with small images such as tiny bows or butterflies. The items created especially for kids to wear come in bright colors and images that appeal to a child’s sense of fun. Giving your little girls their own special jewellery pieces allows them to express their own unique sense of fashion

The Giorgio Martello (GM) jewellery collection is unsurpassable in quality and design. Using contemporary and traditional designs, it provides unique jewellery which is perfect for those who want to be more individual. Its unique designs are prominent in the world of fashion and have inspired many other designers.

All of Giorgio Martello’s Milano jewellery is lovingly crafted from perfectly selected sterling silver. With a rhodanised finish, the silver not only shines beautifully in the bright Italian sun, but makes it more comfortable to wear and protects against tarnishing which silver is so prone too.

They value quality and inspiration, which is all part of their philosophy of life. As a trend setter, they are always creating innovative and unusual designs that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Inspired by the lively and vibrant character of Milan, they achieve the highly fashionable look which is in line with the Milan fashion scene and the delicate and graceful nature of the people and the city itself.

They design with mood and inspiration in mind, thus the collection has a great number of pieces of jewellery to suit every mood, every personality and every outfit. They design with fashion and the person in mind, making each piece personal, yet, trendy.

The original GM Milano range has already achieved fame in Europe. For the 5th year running, it was the official jewellery provider for the New Faces Award hosted in Berlin, which recognises the new face in the film industry, including actors, actresses and films. Over a 1000 guests who were adorned with the new jewellery from Giorgio Martello attended the event.

As a great cherisher of inspiration and innovation, Giorgio Martello has been proud sponsor of the Galeria Kaufhof awards, which awards young graduate designers with the opportunity to exhibit their masterpieces, enabling them to get their name known in the fashion industry. A sum of money was also awarded for further training and business set up, as well as to the best fashion school.

If you have to name the most memorable occasion of your life, it would surely be the ceremonious and pompous event of your wedding. On this day you are all geared up for the best. For this one day you definitely want all the perfect things to happen to you.

The sky seems to be brighter and the grass seems to be fresher! Everything takes the shape of a perfect fairy tale which is very much desired to exist forever and ever.

The most awaited and the most craved commodity for that day is the elegant assemblage of wedding jewelry. The collection of wedding jewelry outclasses any other kind of jewelry collection because of its celestial presence, supreme grace and outraged glamour. Wedding jewellery enjoys the mighty attention of all the admiring viewers and embraces the angelic bride with all charm and allure. Wedding jewellery exhibits the glitters of diamonds, shimmers of gold and the eternal presence of amazing pearls. Definitely, there are pure gemstones in strikingly wonderful colours such as ruby red, sapphire blue and emerald green.

Pearl bridal jewelry sets impart such magnificence to the look of the bride which remains as unparalleled with any other look. It gives a kind of uniqueness and attractiveness out of the simplicity presented by the pearls all over the bride. Pearl bridal jewellery sets are in vogue when the trousseau is in white or off-white shades. It gives a feel of magnetic beauty and undeniable charisma.

If you are among those people who love to keep it simple every time and anytime, pearl bridal jewelry sets are just for you. And these lovely bridal sets come in all possible ranges starting from the lowest to the highest marking no particular beginnings or ends. There is some unbelievable character associated with the wedding jewellery which says that the older it gets, more and more beautiful it becomes. So you can definitely enjoy the grace and glamour of your wedding jewelry throughout your life. Also, the tradition of passing the wedding jewelry from generations to generations is considered as the most auspicious thing to be gifted to young generations.


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