Nowadays, millions of people are using text messaging to communicate with friends and relatives even in far away countries. Many small business owners and companies are also using the text messaging technology for their business communications.

Because of the popularity of text messaging, scammers and telemarketers found this as the easiest way to reach out to a larger number of people. These scams are specifically intended to attract users by informing them that they won huge amount of money. The victim will then deposit an alleged processing fee to the account of the scammer. Afterwards, the victim will never receive any prize money. Another type of scam through text messaging is those promising to double your investments on businesses that will turn out to be non-existent. Again, after depositing your “investment,” you will never receive any “profit,” and neither will you get your investment back.

Another type of text message scam is one informing the victim that they could download games and other stuffs for their mobile phone for free. Once a subscriber downloads 대량문자 this stuff, they will be actually charged for such download and automatically enrolled for a daily subscription. Subscribers will then receive downloads everyday and are charged for each downloads.

Among all other types of text messaging scams, these messages annoy users since they will be receiving several SMS everyday. The bad thing about it is that mobile subscribers are charged every time they receive these messages.

SMS scams are usually costly and mobile phone providers will not give you back whatever money you have lost.

In this case, we must be vigilant not to fall on any of the text messaging scams. There are several ways to prevent or lessen being victimized by text messaging scams.

Never entertain or don’t reply on any text messages coming from system generated numbers that offers free download for your mobile phone.

Be very careful in giving out your number, especially to those you hardly know.

If you receive unsolicited text messages or calls, report those numbers to your mobile phone provider. Never be tempted to join “too good to be true” money making schemes as this is most likely a scam. Money is not easy. You work hard for it.

If you receive text messages stating that you have won huge money from a certain contest, disregard it since if you really won, the company will surely send you through mail informing you of your winning. Avoid receiving offers from any third party or a partner of your provider. Once you do, you will surely receive unsolicited calls or text messages from these telemarketers.

If you receive suspicious text messages containing investment related scam, it is important to report it immediately with you local law enforcement agency.

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