More and more people are waking up to the fact that the Sony PSP is not just a great hand held games console. You’re probably like me and originally brought your PSP because of the great games available and the super fast graphics and game play but if that is all your using your PSP for today then you are seriously missing out.

OK so we have already mentioned what great games you can play but what else can the PSP do. Well you can listen to music, you can use it to view your photos via the memory stick with the latest firmware version you can even listen to music whilst browsing your photos, something you were never able to do with earlier versions mana voori pandavulu movie download. Then there’s the Internet browser, if your in a Wi-Fi zone you can happily connect your PSP to the Internet which is a great feature.

One of my favorite uses for the PSP is to watch movies on it. The PSP has a great widescreen and the colors and sound are great for movies. So is it hard to watch movies on your PSP, the short answer NO. With a bit of technical no how you could be watching movies on your PSP in no time at all.

So where do you start. First thing to know is that if you want to watch movies on your PSP they must be in mp4 format. There is loads of places you can get conversion software from just do a Google search and see how many results you get over a million results last time I looked.

Before you get started your also going to need a memory stick. a full length movie should fit on a 512mb stick but the bigger the better really if you can afford a 2gb stick you will obviously be able to fit more on it. The easiest way to put the movies on to your PSP is to use your computer plugged in to your PSP via the USB cable tollywoodbuzz. As soon as you plug it in you will see it on your computer as a mobile storage device. Once opened up you need to create a folder called MP ROOT and inside that a folder called 100mnv01 its important you do this and move the movies to the correct folder otherwise your PSP will not be able to find the movies.

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