Dog diarrhea is not really that common of an occurrence because dogs have a pretty good functioning digestive system. But if they do get it, you want to get rid of it fast! You know it is uncomfortable for the dog, not to mention it can make a big mess too! I know this won’t make you feel any better, but if they do get it, there’s about an 80% chance that it’s because of something you fed your dog.

A sudden change in their diet can cause diarrhea, because a dog needs a couple days to warn their digestive system that you’ve changed to a new brand of dog food A mix of both brands for a couple days, is a good practice to follow going forward.

Food gone bad will cause diarrhea, as well. Spoiled meat can have the same effect on a dog, that it can in humans. Please be careful, be picky about what you’re feeding your pet.

A few other less common causes could be stress or mental upset, brought on by a long trip, or just being away from their normal surroundings canhave this effect on some dogs. And don’t forget about worms. This is a common cause in puppies. Don’t waste time getting advice from your vet to rid them on the internal parasites!

You will also want the vets opinion if your dog has diarrhea due to an illness, or a virus. Find the appropriate treatment for a quick cure.

If you want to try some things at home, a few things that have been successful are caster oil, a diet of plain rice, or thickened milk with arrowroot. If any of these seem to do the trick, slowly get them back on their regular food by mixing the two together for a couple days. If the diarrhea continues, certainly it is time to visit your vet. He or she will be able to recommend the correct course of action to take, and recommend medications after they have seen your dog.

So you’ve diagnosed a red circular rash as ringworm, now what do you do? Before we dive into a treatment for your fungal infection, let’s take a step back and make sure that we’re on the same diagnostic page.

Ringworm is a fungal infection that can infect anyone. By fungal infection, I mean to say that it is a fungi, like a mushroom or a mold. I can already hear you asking: “Do you mean to tell me that I have a mushroom growing on my arm?” Well, yes and no. Fungal infections are quite common in humans, and in a sense they do push up through the skin like the fruiting body of a mushroom from the mycelia. And all fungi, including mushrooms, survive by eating plant or animal materials – indeed this is what the ringworm infection is doing in your body. The other commonality that ringworm and mushrooms have in common is that they both thrive in dark, moist environments (remember this, as it will come in handy when we discuss treatment and prevention below).

Do properly diagnose ringworm, you really should go see a doctor. He or she will take a “scrape” of your skin and send it to a lab for diagnosis. However, you can be fairly certain that you have ringworm if you have a reddish rash that is clearly in the shape of a ring. Different people describe different sensations, but most folks claim that it will itch, although not as much as other common rashes, like poison ivy. You may find that it itches more at night than it does during the daylight hours.

First of all, don’t start to freak out and throw furniture out the window. Ringworm is a very common infection: according to Wikipedia, about 20% of the human population is infected by ringworm or a very similar fungus at any given moment. So you can certainly take solace in the fact that you’re not alone. Once you’re calm, the next key is to avoid rushing into any quick fixes. The thing about fungal infections is that they can be really difficult to treat without a prescribed antifungal ointment, so if you’re sure that you are affected, you should go to see your doctor right away so that you can get the appropriate treatment. There are a lot of hokey cures and treatments on the Internet these days. Trust me – don’t rush into anything and go to see your doctor right away

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