In part 1 of this article, you learned how your body works to remove the causes of the symptoms you have when an illness strikes, and how to identify the changes that occur before the physical symptoms appear bipap machine. You also learned how to work with your body to help it heal faster, and to look towards natural means such as homeopathy to assist the body’s efforts and diminish your suffering.

Also discussed were the main reasons why acute, short-term conditions become chronic, long-term conditions, with the main reason being suppression of symptoms with chemical drugs that allow diseases to move deeper into the body and weaken the body’s ability to heal.In this article, I will discuss how chronic diseases occur and how people adjust their lives to accommodate the diseases, not health, and how supporting and “managing” the disease keeps the disease and continues to weaken the ability to heal.

What is a Chronic Disease?In the medical community, a chronic disease is a health condition that has existed longer than 6 months, requires medical drugs to maintain and is deeply rooted or deep within; and a person will probably have the disease for the remainder of his life as it will probably not diminish in its affect on the person.It is the opposite of “acute” which means short-term, superficial and usually will disappear within 6 months.

How Do Chronic Diseases Form?As mentioned in part 1 of this article, only when an acute, new condition isn’t healed does it become a chronic issue. The body sends signs that something isn’t right before the physical signs of an illness appear. If a person doesn’t recognize these changes as significant, the physical symptoms appear; most people don’t ignore those.

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