Okay so, you’ve come to this article to read about color, and how it affects us in so many ways. Well then, let’s discuss this. You see, recently I was having Spectrum Email a similar dialogue and I thought I’d share a bit of it with you as it is rather fascinating. Think for a moment about emotion, color, and how what you see makes your mood shift, and how that can be a positive thing, or a negative thing depending on the situation.

Anyway, while theorizing on all the aspects of color, an acquaintance of mine stated a rather true-to-the-point comment; “The choice of Color, interestingly enough, colors affecting mind and body, they are a tool, weapon, and shield in so many ways.” He is right isn’t he? Sure he is and so, here are some of my thoughts on this.

Yes, I written on camouflage, animal mating colors, branding, and marketing, you name it. One of the books in front of me at my desk is; “The Power of Color” by Faber Birren – and here is an interesting thought for you today; If emotion was a color and time didn’t exist, the most color people of all would be the ones which lived the full-range – joy and laughter, pain and sorrow – and they’d be the most beautiful of all. Another reason to live life to the fullest and don’t miss anything. Live the full spectrum and range!

Now then there is a very good article I’d like to recommend to you. It was in DigiKey TechZone Magazine November 2010 issue, titled; “Lighting’s Color Science” by Armando Roggio, Electronic Products. The article describes LED color lighting and how the human eye sees it, that is to say how the eye senses the radiation of the LED light within the human visual spectrum and then how that is applied to the science of colored lighting for LED light manufacturers.

If we change the frequency, it is interpreted differently by the brain through our sensors called eyes, indeed, we are not evolved necessarily for LED light, as those spectrums are unfamiliar to us in nature. Yes, they do exist, but not like our created high-tech toys and devices which give off these spectrums. Does that matter? Everything matters when it come to light and color my friend – it all matters.

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