Did you know that the mink lashes are among the top sellers in the international beauty industry? They have gained popularity all over the globe. Mink Lashes is created from fibers obtained from the mink fabric, a type of acrylic fiber. These natural fibers are not only long lasting, but also create a natural look when they are used in lash extensions.

mink lashes wholesale


The Mink Lashes Is Perfect For All Hair Types: These Mink Lashes is created for all hair types, including, thin, thick, medium, and even curly or straight hair. The 25mm 3D Mink Lashes is designed as per the changing needs and the changing trends of the times. The brand has been created because The original series Correctly meet the growing aesthetic taste of the modern masses and the changing need of the times. Thus never miss opting the trusted factory of wan na mink lashes manufacturer, wan na mink lashes wholesale!


The factory wan na siberian lashes are specially designed and sealed with polypropylene plastic to maintain their long life and appearance. The manufacturing process of each lash ensures their quality and safety, which is why the mink lashes are sealed by the manufacturers themselves. The manufacturer ensures the quality by strictly controlling the production of each lash by using a high quality of packaging materials.


The Mink False Eyelash – This is a new addition to the mink lashes collection. This item provides a unique and attractive look to any kind of hair. It can also be used on any kind of skin. The 25mm lashes sample pack comes with two lashes, each of them is sealed with a polyurethane coating for further protection. The package also includes a set of clear polyester fiber bristles that can be used for brushing or curling the lashes.


The Custom Eyelash Packaging Box – The Mink mascara and eyelash mascara samples that are sold in the Mink lash packages are available in three different forms. They are available as individual lashes, in individual shadow and eyeliner colors and as a complete set of custom eyelash packaging box and 25mm lashes. All the three are sealed and contain a high quality of polyester fibers for superior application and long lasting wear. This package contains three colors: a darker black color that gives a dramatic look to your eyes, an ice blue color that can give you a beautiful look and a softer shade of brown colored mascara that are suitable for all skin types. All these come along with the appropriate brush that can be used for all skin types.


The Cheap Mink Lashes – This package is available in three options and all these are made from the best quality mink hair available in the market. They are suitable for daily wear and all around application. The eyelashes feel soft and the texture is quite luxurious. The cheap mink lashes do not fall off when applied and are long lasting. These are suitable for all types of face.


The 10 Years Wholesale Mink Lashes – These are available in the form of singles, doubles and the groupies. The Mink lashes that are available in the single and doubles are available as individual lashes and this enables you to choose the lashes according to your choice. You can also select one of the sets that consists of single lashes of different colors. They are available in a range of colors like bronze, silver, gold, coral, black, gray, light purple, green and blue and this enables you to get the best quality and value for your money.


The lashes are made from the best quality of mink and they do not fall off even after continuous use. They come with a free gift that is available from the leading manufacturer in China. The best wholesale lash vendors always offer free gifts with the mink products and the other leading brands like Revlon, Estee Lauder, Neutrogena, Maybelline and other leading brands are always ready to provide you with the free gifts and discounts. You can make best use of these discounts and save some money.

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